Monday, July 31, 2017

Monster Pals

Cute, Illustrated, Rhyming, Bedtime Story 
for toddlers, preschool, and elementary

"Monsters get a bad reputation for being scary and mean, but not all monsters are like that. Some monsters are friendly and fun. Some monsters like to play and run. And some monsters will help you get your homework done. Learn about all the fun and nice things that monsters can do for you!"

Calvin and Hobbs #78

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Red House Mystery
By A. A. Milne

Considered one of the greatest mystery stories.
"The Red House Mystery is a 'locked room' whodunnit by A. A. Milne, published in 1922. It was Milne's only mystery novel. He wrote this before the Pooh books and the success of his children's fiction meant he never returned to the genre. A pity. The story is set in the quaint, English countryside at the house party of Mark Ablett, where a murder quickly takes place. Ablett has been entertaining a house party consisting of a widow and her marriageable daughter, a retired major, a wilful actress, and Bill Beverley, a young man about town. Mark's long-lost brother Robert, the black sheep of the family, arrives from Australia and shortly thereafter is found dead."

Calvin and Hobbs #77

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Love You as Big as a Dinosaur

Wonderful watercolor illustrations. Beautiful story about a boy expressing his love for his mother and the mother expressing her love for her boy.

"A little boy at bedtime wants nothing more than to tell his mom how much he loves her. In his imagination there’s no better way than comparing to a gigantic Dinosaur. Join him with your own child on this roaring adventure, with blue skies, big feet, and long tails."

Calvin and Hobbs #76

Friday, July 28, 2017

Bear and Squirrel

For Ages 4 to 7
Teach Your Child How to Read

"Join an uptight Squirrel and a mellow Bear in an epic battle for a swing."

"A lesson on how attitude makes all the difference in a funny and engaging story by J-Tech Creations, Inc. perfect for beginning readers."

Calvin and Hobbs #75

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Praying by Kids Can Help

What is praying? Some say praying is a sincere and serious hope or wish that you have. There are other meanings of praying. People have studied those who pray and those who don’t pray. Even though all your prayers are not answered, there are good results from praying. How can praying help kids?

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Calvin and Hobbs #74

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ready Player One

   "It’s the year 2044, and the real world is an ugly place.
   Like most of humanity, Wade Watts escapes his grim surroundings by spending his waking hours jacked into the OASIS, a sprawling virtual utopia that lets you be anything you want to be, a place where you can live and play and fall in love on any of ten thousand planets.
   And like most of humanity, Wade dreams of being the one to discover the ultimate lottery ticket that lies concealed within this virtual world. For somewhere inside this giant networked playground, OASIS creator James Halliday has hidden a series of fiendish puzzles that will yield massive fortune—and remarkable power—to whoever can unlock them."

Calvin and Hobbs #73

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Dream Pony
A Kelpie and Moonbeam Series

"After dozens of ponies go missing, everyone is devastated, and the police don’t know where to look first. With her favorite pony by her side and a little sprinkle of magic, Kelpie discovers the culprit. But how will she be able to explain things to the authorities without sounding crazy? Take a magical ride with Kelpie to find out if she will be able to rescue the stolen ponies before it’s too late and the thieves haul them away forever…"
(Grade Level 3-7). 

Leo Learns to Swim
"Leo is a sea turtle and sea turtles are supposed to swim. He’s sure he could if one of his flippers wasn’t shorter than the others. He’ll try anything to learn, but when none of his crazy fixes get him swimming, he starts to lose hope. Then a giant ghost crab threatens his cousin Elliott and Leo discovers that caring about others is the only fix he needs."

The First Science Fiction MEGAPACK®:
25 Modern and Classic
Science Fiction Tales

A variety of dated Sci-Fi from the sixties. Some you'll enjoy. Skip the ones that don't grab you. Great value for under a dollar.

"Here are 25 science fiction stories (plus a bonus short-short):
- UNKNOWN THINGS, by Reginald Bretnor
- CAPTIVES OF THE FLAME, by Samuel R. Delany
- EXPEDITER, by Mack Reynolds
- ONE-SHOT, by James Blish
- SHIPWRECK IN THE SKY, by Eando Binder
Plus 20 other stories."

Calvin and Hobbs #72

Monday, July 24, 2017

Alfred the Dinosaur Goes to the City
By Brandon Cullum and Friends

Alfred the Dinosaur has a problem. When he traveled through time from the Jurassic Period to present day to visit his friend Chloe, he thought they’d have a lot of fun.

Calvin and Hobbs #71

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Alfred: The Time Traveling Dinosaur

"The #1 Best Selling Journey of Time Traveling Friendship 

Alfred is a dinosaur. He is big and blue and and a little mean as he rules the Jurassic. But he finds himself alone, not getting to play with the other dinosaurs. Alfred has no friends and sets off a crazy time traveling adventure to find someone who will play with him. 

Will Alfred find the friend he is looking for? Will he find the person that can see past his bully tendencies and teach him what it is like to be a real friend? Find out in Book One of the Alfred the Dinosaur Series! 

This book is perfect for bedtime and any young reader! 

˃˃˃ 216 People Helped Create This Story 
This book was created with 216 people who voted on things like the main character's name and his color."

Custom Animal Art by Lastri (Pastel)
Already Sold

Calvin and Hobbs #70

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Does Your Heart Stop When You Sneeze?

Some people say, "Bless you!" when you sneeze because they think that your heart has stopped beating. Does your heart stop beating when you sneeze?

Clipart by Pixabay

Calvin and Hobbs #69

Friday, July 21, 2017

What is Self-Motivation?

   "A child may be motivated to pick up hìs toys if there is a reward for doing so (of if there is a punishment for not doing so). Someone outside of himself has created that motivation.
    If there were not an outside motivator, the child would probably not be so quick to pick up those toys. He has no self-motivation.
    As we mature, we become self-directed individuals. We muster up the motivation to accomplish things – or not. If we don’t become self-directing, then we don’t meet with success."

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Clipart by Pixabay
Calvin and Hobbs #68

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How Are Asteroids and Comets Different?

"Although both asteroids and comets were formed in the early days of our solar system’s formation, asteroids are huge rocky objects that are mostly found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, whereas comets are frozen balls of gas, ice and rocky material."

Click here to read more about comets and asteroids

Clipart from Pixabay
Calvin and Hobbs #65

Sunday, July 16, 2017

13 Websites That Provide Lots of Digital Books for Reading

Many free and inexpensive online books are available for children for learning and pleasure reading.

Clipart from Pixabay

Calvin and Hobbs #63

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Science Reveals the Benefits of Prayer

"Prayer appears to help boost people’s will power, making it easier for them to exercise self-control."
"Prayer makes people nicer."
"Prayer similarly makes it easier for people to forgive."
"Prayer is a way to cope with stress."
"Over 50% of Americans say they pray every day and many more pray at least once a week."

Clipart from Pixabay

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mars surface ‘more uninhabitable’ than we thought
"Hopes of finding life on Mars, at least on the surface, were dealt a blow Thursday by a study revealing that salt minerals present on the Red Planet kill bacteria."

Clipart from Pixabay

Calvin and Hobbs #60
Calvin and Hobbs #59

Monday, July 3, 2017

How Complaining Rewires
Your Brain For Negativity
And How To Break The Habit

 “Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better.” ~Unknown 

Clipart from

Calvin and Hobbs #51

Sunday, July 2, 2017

What Happened To The Water On Mars?

   "Mars is red and dusty. We also know that it’s a rather barren place. That being said, researchers and astronomers also know that Mars wasn’t always such a wasteland. In fact, there used to be rivers, lakes and seas on the fourth planet from the sun. Therefore, as we debate whether human beings could ever live there, the question is…What happened to all the water?"

Clipart from Wiki Commons
Calvin and Hobbs #50